Important things to know about hunting in Hungary

Hunting protocol

In compliance with the hunting protocol, a shooting list has to be set up and signed by both the hunting guest and the professional hunter including all services and shots. It serves as the basis of calculation of the final fee for shots and sevices provided by CRYSTAL.

By signing the shooting list, all parties give their approval for the content of the protocol. It refers to the mesure and number of throphies as well as the services laid down in the protocol. The payment of invoice must be done without delay. According to the general procedure, payment transaction is executed by our agency unless the parties agree differently. In addition, the protocol is the essential document for any complaint.

Complaints are to be made on the spot so that the problem can be resolved the soonest possible. In case of its failure, a bilingual (English and Hungarian) letter of complaint singed by the complainer, the local hunting organizer and the interpreter has to be written on the spot immediately. It is essential to feature to word „Complaint” in the letter. No complaints are accepted after leaving the spot.

Bad shots and the cause of a missed killing of game are defined in the hunting protocol.

At the request of hunter, stricken game can be continued after his leaving if he agrees to pay the shot price and the cost of transportation of the trophy. The weight of trophy is measured by the management of the hunting area and can be no subject of any reclamation.

CRYSTAL takes no responsibility for any arrangements with the management of the hunting area without its written approval even if those arrangents are included in the hunting protocol.

Hunting rules in the host country

Hunting guests are obliged to accept all legal rules of the host country. It refers to the judgement of trophies as well. If any of the rules is ignored, the organiser is entitled to suspend the hunting activity. If a guest kills a game despite of the suspension made by the professional hunter or organiser, additional fine has to be paid for the shot. If a guest is under the influence of alcohol, hunting can be interrupted or even prohibited and the total amount of the accomodation fee is to be paid.
CRYSTAL makes all efforts but cannot guarantee that guests can have the opportunity to shoot in the contracted game. As a general rule, trophies are delivered only after the payment of all hunting charges, trophies and shipping cost. The shipping cost can be found in the current price list of CRYSTAL.

Important Notice

All visitors are obliged to have their passports and visa, if neccessary. In additon, all rules of public law and regulations are to be followed.

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